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Here's what we've been working on

Yard Drainage Installation In 

Magnolia Trace Subdivision of Harvey.

This is an example of how we install a drainage system in the ground. We carefully remove the grass and re-install it. We installed a 4-inch PVC pipe directly to the curb of the street. Then we carefully smooth out the concrete edge for a clean finish. 

French Drainage Installation In 

New Orleans.

Here we have one of our most trust worthy pipe product to use for our french drainage systems. This product can withstand tough cold climates and heavy weight, so we can install this kind of pipe in driveway or parking lots. We also use a layer of geo-fabric to protect the pipe from dirt clogs. The geo-fabric is tough to keep dirt away but drains water very well. It drains the water directly to the corrugated pipe. You can see how it work our You Tube video, Click here: French Drain Installation Video.  

Yard Drainage Installation In Marrero 

Here we have one of our technician Manuel in action. He is re-building the street concrete curb after carefully cutting the 4-inch in an angle so it can have a smooth clean look.

Yard Drainage Installation In Marrero 

Here we have 2 of our very awesome workers Benjamin and Ventura installing a 4-inch PVC pipe directly to the street. We make sure we clean up very well after every job.

Yard Drainage Installed in Gretna 

Here is one of the many machines we use on our larger scaled jobs. We make sure we call all utility companies before we dig and we dig extremely careful when we come close to electrical lines, gas lines, and water lines. 

Yard Drainage Installation in Terrytown 

Here we have two of our technicians making the final connections for the drainage system. We also installed a 9-inch catch basin close to the edge because water puddled exactly where the pipe was being installed. Our client was super happy with her back yard drainage problem solved.  

Copy of collage pool drainage .png

Don't miss out on checking the pictures of the process of this drainage job. Our client was very happy with the job after a few years he left us an awesome review. This job was done with 12-inch catch basis connected with 4-inch pvc pipe. The pipe was carefully leveled and guided to the street concrete curbing.



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